The New Operating Model for Modern Finance

Focus on Financial Services

The pace and depth of change engulfing the financial
services industry today is greater than ever before.

Customer demands are shifting, technology
advances are disrupting longstanding business
models, and the compliance burden
keeps growing.

A Dynamic New Operating Model

The industry’s decision makers need the finance function to evolve its mission. To deliver, finance will need a dynamic new operating model.

Greater Effiency

Greater efficiency

Automate transactional processes using cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation.

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Better information

Better information

Unleash potential in big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. Turn FP&A into a powerhouse for business insight.

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More Influence

More influence

Cross-functional teams with multidisciplinary and business partnering skills. Rapid decision support.

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Greater Efficiency

Cloud and Robotics Drive Next-Level Efficiencies

Standardized our accounting & related processes using cloud ERP

Migrated our end-to-end accounting processes to shared service centers

Implemented robotic process automation to automate routine processes

Implemented cloud-based EPM to perform continuous planning & forecasting


Better Information

Unleashing the Potential of Analytics

Over 50% of financial services are unleashing the potential of analysis in…

Artificial Intelligence

The ability to unleash the full potential in big data analytics and artificial intelligence. Doing so stretches the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) role beyond recognition, into a powerhouse that generates the insights organisations need to develop innovative strategies and achieve performance levels that eclipse the competition.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) applications, for example, can use dashboards to communicate measures of performance and analysis in a timely and user-friendly manner. And management information is becoming increasingly self-service, enabling users to drill down to answer their own queries.

Social media analysis tools

Companies can now analyze and leverage digital data to improve the products or services they offer to customers, to automate routine decisions, and to enable better ad hoc decision making. And they can use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to generate new insights.


More Influence

Developing finance’s skill set in areas such as data analysis and data visualization, to provide better guidance to the business

Nearly two in four (41%) financial services organizations have implemented the use of cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams to improve business partnering.